238. Your Path Won't Look Like Someone Else's

To every man that has found their way in this world, there are thousands who haven't. Thousands who are lost, searching for something more, or worse, thousands too plagued by their own challenges that they stop searching completely.

It's just the funny thing called life. And for those that find their way and have an opportunity to seize their personal freedom, it's a blessing. To those who barely get by, wondering why they exist at all, it's a burden.

There are many of us searching for something deeper and more fulfilling in our lives, and day in and day out we sit idly watching others achieve. We wonder what's wrong with us and why we haven't experienced the same type of success, knowing full well that we have the talent and work ethic to see our goals come to fruition.

So why does success seem to happen for some and not others? Is it because their goals are clear? Is it because they outwork us? What is it?

I bring this up because of a television program. I'm not one for watching television but I found myself searching for something inspirational to watch. I turned to CNBC to see entrepreneurs walk in their gift.

There was one story that made me feel a bit funny about myself. A story that made me confront where I was in life and why I wasn't this place and that place sooner. 

The story was about two 30-year-old guys who were multi-millionaires from a couple business ventures. As I watched their business journey unfold all I could do was question myself. Wait, I'm 30. I have dreams. I work on them day in and day out. What's wrong with me? 

We tend to question ourselves when we see other people thriving.

Why aren't we more along in our careers? When is it going to be our turn? What do this person have that I don't?

Although I do believe it's healthy to take a self-assessment regarding where we are in life and come up with an action plan to get on track, I believe watching other people and comparing ourselves is dangerous.

Our journeys are unique to us. Our stories won't look like the person next door. We won't be the same age, have the same background, experience the same setbacks, or make the same type of progress.

I believe the same energy that it takes us to think about someone else's success or to pity our current place in life, can be used more constructively. We could actually use that energy to invest it in ourselves, our endeavors, our pursuits. 

This is all easier said than done. However, it must be done. We have to find the path right for us and to move forward without using our energy to compare our lives with other humans with their own set of challenges. 

You will be victorious and it will happen in your own way. The world will know that as soon as you write your unique story of success.