147. Work on Your Work

In my first year of teaching, I remember being miserable. I woke up and wanted to quit every day. The cycle seemed endless, stressful, and irritating. I thought so many times, "Life shouldn't be this way." The only thing that seemed to bring me joy on a consistent basis was visiting bookstores or libraries to get lost in other worlds so I could escape my own. I also found peace when writing. That was the best part. Writing in my journal soothed me and at times, that's all I wanted to do.

Maybe you were like me. You didn't necessarily like where you were in life. Your job was either boring, unfulfilling, stressful, or something else altogether. You feel like you're in a rat race and you can't seem to hop off the hamster wheel. But what do you do? How do you break out the vicious cycle of waking up, preparing for work, commuting, sitting on a job for 8 hours, going back home, watching TV or relaxing, and going to sleep only to repeat the process? I'll tell you how:

Work on your work.

Just looking at that mind-numbing routine makes me shudder. It makes me think I'm trapped in Oceania as a thoughtless human. But, I'm not a thoughtless human, and neither are you. And, you can't expect to be locked in such a routine that you get the beauties of life. Because if you stick to that, you'll go nowhere fast. It'll be like running in a circle while wondering why you can't seem to move any further down the road. 

At any rate, when you find something you like to do, some type of project, activity, or even side hustle, you'll start to disrupt that little mundane routine. That's what I did. When I started to go to the library, bookstore, or made a conscious decision to write, I had something to look forward to. I also used that "chill" time to invest in something that brought peace to my life.

Now, I'm strictly in full immersion mode. When I get home, it's all about my daily projects. It's all about the blog, designing courses, and working on this debut novel. Yes, there are aspects about my day job that grinds my gears sometimes, but I don't allow it to consume me. Most importantly, I don't take it home.

I focus on my work and find a second energy doing the things I absolutely enjoy to do. 

So, I challenge you to change up your routine. Get some sun, raise your heart rate through exercise, refrain from turning on the television, and work on your work. I promise, that will give you the most satisfying, well-rested sleep you've probably had in a while. Your day job won't feel that much like a day nightmare, either.