167. What's Your Reason?

I woke up this morning with one question hovering over me: What's the reason? That may seem random, but for me it's not. With all of the hard work, dedication, and focus on my writing and other creative projects, "what's your reason" fits the bill. 

Some days I have to remind myself why I am waking up earlier, writing through the resistance, or blocking out distractions. I have to remind myself why I am refraining from being around certain people that don't challenge, stretch, or motivate me. I have to remind myself why I would rather be producing than sitting around debating about futile topics related to our government.

We need a reason why. We need something deep within our spiritual beings to push us outside of our comfort zones. We need something that allows us to focus on the bigger picture: how we can contribute greatness in the world. 

mark twain.png

Every now and again I'm presented with this question. Every time I want to sleep a little longer or sit around with xyz and get caught up on some show, I remind myself of why I'm doing what I do.

I remind myself that my ancestors didn't get a chance to have their personal freedom. I remind myself that I've had a dream since I was a child to wake up and do what I want. I remind myself that I've always wanted a successful book series like Ann M. Martin and R.L. Stine. I remind myself that I've always wanted a successful business. 

Take some time to remind yourself of the reason why you're going after your dream. You need a strong force behind you pushing you when you don't feel like working or when resistance threatens to halt your progress. Your reason should be strong enough that you leap out of bed every morning and hunt your dream down. 

It's hunting season.