225. Preparing for Stay Ready Houston 2017

I'm excited. It's officially three days before the Stay Ready event and I'm already in preparation mode. What is Stay Ready, you ask? It's only one of the most inspiring, motivating, uplifting, and energizing business conference tours of the year.

The event is headlined by Dr. Eric Thomas and has already taken place in Atlanta and Philly. 

It's Houston's turn.

I've already gotten a head start networking with like-minded individuals who will also be attending the conference this coming Sunday. I'm telling you, we're ALL pumped. 

The reason I'm excited is because Dr. Eric Thomas has literally been one of my main inspirations for the past year or so. One video changed my entire world. I think differently, act differently, and most of all I'm on fire for my passion. Once I decided to get serious about my goals as a writer/educator/entrepreneur, there was no looking back. 

So, until that moment, I'm going to get my clothes ready like it's the first day of school (although I'm only going to wear a Breathe University shirt), and I'm going to prepare questions like I'm back in college. 

Seriously though, what do you say to someone who has changed your life? I guess, "You changed my life", right? That'll work if all else fails. 

Make sure you get at least one more invigorating, motivating, and inspiring event on your summer to do list. You still have time!