132. We All Have Room for Improvement

Around this time of the school year, I notice how there is a considerable amount of growth with my students. Some students who may have struggled with their behavior or grades begin to really show signs of maturity, work ethic, and responsibility. Then, there are others who need a little more work. An extra push if you will.

That makes me think about us grown ups and our own mental, spiritual, and emotional growth periods. None of us know everything. None of us are gifted in every area. None of us are perfect.

We all have room for improvement.

It's amazing how you can watch a young person transform in front of your eyes, developing good habits that will help him or her in the future like being polite, encouraging others, or helping out. Now if the youngest of us can see considerable growth in such a short amount of time, why do some of us stay stagnant for years and years?

Why do some of us go about this life in a nonchalant manner doing the same things, thinking the same ways, and staying in the same ol' box? It's time to come out of it. It's time to grow. 

It's time to explore the child-like spirit -- the curious, creative fearless, risky, adventurous, fun part of ourselves. Some of us are so scared to step outside of our comfort zones that we unfortunately end up living a life we wouldn't wish on our own worst enemies. Caged. Lost. Confused. Saddened. Depressed. Lonely. Draining. Pessimistic. Turbulent.

So what can we do to improve as human beings? To grow as adults and develop our character? For me, it's:

  • Giving more

  • Traveling

  • Meeting different people

  • Attending conferences

  • Being a helping hand

  • More

So ask yourself, what areas can you use some improvement? I challenge you to identify ways in which you can grow and take a small step each day to see improvement in those areas.