235. Merge Your Talents

Some days I feel like I'm dividing up my time too much. That I'm spreading myself too thin. Maybe it's because the school year is gearing up to start again and I'm currently developing my little modest startup. Maybe it's because I am so hard on myself for not pumping out books like I want or utilizing every single second and moment of the day. 

I'm up at 3 a.m. asking myself, "Do I need to temporarily cut ties with one of these endeavors? Does one gotta go?"

one thing.jpg

Every Thursday I listen to the Secrets to Success podcast featuring motivational speaking giant Dr. Eric Thomas. One segment they do is called "One Gotta Go", which is when the guys come up with three popular choices of something and determine which should have never existed. 

Every time they do the segment, my choices are incredibly easy. But, now that the topics relate to my interests, it's a bit more challenging.

So, let's look at this situation:

#1 Writing

It's my first love -- well, right after reading -- and I can't help but to do it every single day. Being a creative is not necessarily the easiest thing in the world, but it's satisfying and I feel like writing is equivalent of breathing or receiving food or water. It really and truly does sustains me. It's my gift, my love.

On the flip side, I have to make a living. Enter the second choice.

#2 Teaching

As many people know who read this blog, I teach all subjects in 4th grade. Yep, a little ol' self-contained classroom. Teaching is a pretty good experience of positively shaping the lives of others. However, there are limitations, especially bureaucracy and other red tape. And don't get me started on taking 7 hours away a day from my creative projects.

But wait, what if education could be apart of my creative projects? This leads me to number three.

#3 Instructional Design

In my former life I was a technical writer and instructional designer for a software company. Although my stint was short and I often felt bored out of my mind by the content that the company would take on, I was thankful to develop a skill. I was also grateful to realize that I was very capable of what I was doing each day. So why not start my own e-learning business? Why not merge it all together?

You know what? I really think I answered my own question. I really believe there is a way for me to merge them all together. As a matter of fact a lightbulb is shining awfully bright in my mind as we speak. Hmmm, who knew blogging could give you the breakthrough you didn't know you were looking for?

Let's get to work.