271. It's an Eclipse Alright

While millions of people all over the US are camping out to witness the solar eclipse, here I am trying to nurse a pulsating headache. It happens to the best of us. Staying up late and waking up earlier constantly will do that do you. Grind or not.

But all in all I am okay, still hopeful for the future. Still excited that I get a chance to walk in my purpose day in and day out. Every day won't be easy but it does gives me reassurance to know that if I continue to move forward, I will have no choice but to reach the place I was destined to be.

I always think about reaching my destiny as walking on a winding road.

keep moving.jpg

You see absolutely nothing for miles, and when you do it's often a distraction town that keep you staying longer than you intended. However, if you lace up your shoes each and every day and walk the road, eventually you'll stumble upon your destination. You can finally set up a place where you can build, create, produce, and prosper.

Well, until next time, enjoy this special day, and don't forget to keep moving up the winding road.