251. Get Out of Your Feelings

Every day won't feel the same. You're not going to feel good all the time. I cannot stress that enough. One day you might feel excited about tackling something new, and the next day you may feel burdened by it. 

But, I repeat: It's not about how you feel!

I get it. As sentient beings, a lot of us are ruled by our feelings, our emotions. It's the reason why some people overeat, oversleep, fail to workout, or be consistent in any area of life. It's not easy, but it's life. And, if you want something meaningful out of your living experience, you have to be willing to disregard feeling.

What replaces feeling? Consistency and discipline.

The last one is especially difficult for a lot of people to have. We can discipline others and hold their feet to the fire, but God forbid if we hold ourselves accountable. 

It's time to get out of your feelings. Remind yourself of why you get up every single morning and put yourself to action. What's at stake? If you're not operating on purpose, then what is it all for? 

It's time to get focused and discipline. It's your first step to achieving something great.