272. Everyone is a Salesman

Everyone is a salesman.


As a matter of fact, this quote is so accurate that I'm finding it more and more normal for various people to be pushing a product, service, or some other type of capitalistic endeavor. 

There's absolutely nothing wrong with this. After all, we do live in a capitalistic society, and it's only natural for us to offer services and products for capital gain.

My only issue is this. Some of us care so much about pushing something "Buy my book! Buy my product! Sign up for my service!" that we forget about adding true value in people's lives. 

Ask yourself:

1. How am I actually helping people and adding value?

2. Am I engaging in permission marketing, gaining the trust of our customer, or am I an interruption marketer, annoying the life out of random people?

3. Am I genuine?

Think about these things as you set out in the world as a producer.