233. Business Vs. Service

This may seem trivial, but I'm changing the verbiage when it comes to my business.

I've been working tirelessly behind the scenes of this website, gearing up for the launch of my e-learning enterprise, and I've made a decision. I don't want to use the word business to describe what I do. There's nothing wrong with the word business, of course, but I noticed something as I was planning one day.

Whenever I used the word business, everything seemed to focus on money. Now, I'm not doubting the role money plays in our everyday world, but I realized that simply using the word business had me focusing on what I could get.

Business was all about the transaction, the return, the material things. 

However, when I used the word service, something changed. I re-shifted my attention to the heart of the matter: how will I help? What will I do to be of service?

What can I give instead of what can I get? 

Recently, I read an article by Gary Vaynerchuk about building trust through branding. He made a comment that successful companies don't sell, they brand. He mentioned how he's given away so much quality, free material that people trust to do business with him. He's the first person they go to when they need his particular service.

I believe a lot of times people get stuck in their life because their focus is mis-directed. There is always someone to serve, and a plethora of problems to solve. Instead of us merely focusing on what we can receive and trying to see significant gains, a lot of us haven't just stopped to sow seed in others, to see what we can give. To be genuine with our giving and to let people know that they are supported. 

I believe a lot of that mentality is lost. I get vibes that many people help because they want something in return. I also get vibes sometimes that people do things with hesitation because they really don't want to help, they just want to be seen as a giver.

Maybe I'm projecting. Maybe this is an issue I need to check myself. which is the reason why I'm writing about views on what those two words -- business and service -- mean to me. Of course these things are intertwined. And, of course many of us are seeking to earn a living and achieve greatness in our own spaces. But what is achieving greatness if it doesn't touch anyone?

What does it matter if you don't help others to achieve their own level of greatness?

I want people to be able to look back and say, "Oh, yeah I know that girl. She helped me do such and such and didn't want anything in return. She was apart of the universe that conspired to help me succeed."

I challenge you to take a hard glance at your motives. To make sure you're doing things for the right reasons and reaching out to help people every day. Our gift is not for us. We were not meant to be talented simply for gain. We were meant to use our gifts and talents to uplift others, to not merely be go-getters but go-givers. 

For me, it all starts with the terms I use and the intention of my actions.