260. Be Willing to Get Stretched

One of the most powerful, life-changing aspects that have been added to my life is being apart of a mastermind group. Every single week several of us of hop on a phone call for about an hour and talk about our takeaways for the week. 

There was one particular instance where I didn't want to speak on the call. I thought that my week was chock full of losses, and I was feeling tired and low. This was the precise reason why I needed to call in, and I'm glad I did.

A mastermind group is all about iron sharpening iron. It's about sharing wins AND losses. It's about getting better, pushing each other to be great, and supporting the other. Being apart of a good group means you have to be willing to get stretched.

You have to be willing to be vulnerable about your goals and the status of each of them. This is what makes this opportunity absolutely phenomenal. 

I am so grateful that I'm apart of a mastermind group and the network Breathe University. I honestly believe that it has been one of the difference-makers in this new life of walking in my greatness. 

If you haven't already found a good group to be apart of, to stretch you, to call you out on your behavior, and to make you think a little differently about life I encourage you to do so. 

You will never be the same