244. Be Careful How You Use Your Energy

Not every situation deserves our energy. After all, just like time, our energy is precious.

We won't always get along with everyone or see eye-to-eye with every single person walking the face of the earth. And yes, there will be times where we may face conflict, but we can  approach an uncomfortable situation with grace and tact.

For a person who has struggled with my emotions for years, I've learned that the key to my peace and serenity is picking and choosing how to direct my energy. There are some folks who thrive off of negativity and enjoy engaging people in their battles because they're dealing with their own internal storms, but we have to be cognizant of those traps. 

Don't allow people to bring you down to their level because they're lonely where they are in life.

Also, don't throw your pearls to swine. There will be some people who, regardless of how gentle, fair, and accommodating you are to them, will find a way to trample over your fairness and consideration.

If you are one of those combative people who never see the error of your ways, always have something to say, never considerate of other people, I would encourage you to take a self-assessment of that area of your life -- the emotional well-being area -- and rate yourself. Then, assemble an action plan to change some things.

The goal here is to be better to people, while at the same time learning how not to be taken advantage of. 

Bottom line: Don't waste your energy on negativity. It's not worth it.

If you have to get something off of your chest for peace of mind, go for it -- with tact and grace of course. However, once it's all done, keep moving forward.