270. A Change Gon' Come

Changes are on the horizon. It's time for a new site, a new look, and a new focus for this site.

It's finally time for me to stop playing around and take the leap into my destiny. 

I believe many of us are all on the edge of the cliff wondering whether or not we should take that leap of faith into the unknown. After all, the thought is scary. We don't know if we will fall and land hard, never to be put together again, or if we will rise up and become the person we've always wanted.

change 2.jpg

All I know is that you will never know if you don't try. 

Well, this post is short and sweet. That's only because my to do list is mighty long and I have to get to work. 

With that, I leave you with these words from Sam Cooke:

It’s been a long,
a long time coming,
but I know
a change gon’ come.
Oh yes it will.
— Sam Cooke, "A Change Gon' Come"