232. #90sWereBestBecause

I get on Twitter daily to check the trending topics. I do this to find writing ideas and see what people are discussing -- especially my target audience. But, I was pleasantly surprised to see a trending  hashtag that just spoke to my little millennial heart:


The 90s was a glorious time for me. The decade is one of the main reasons why I decided to write an entire children's literature book set in 1996. The music, the television shows, the movies, the games, the technology, the popular book series -- they were huge influences in my life. 

Seeing that hashtag also made me think about my current querying process with my debut novel Hot Like Fire. It's a story about a new generation of creatives growing up in '96 who could leave a legacy like the Harlem Renaissance if only they learned how to get along.

The hashtag made me think about my early stages of querying and how the handful of rejections threw me off my pitching groove.

But, I'm not down and certainly not out.  

I am reminded each and every day that all of our stories are worthy, stories told from unique, diverse perspectives. I was reminded with a simple hashtag. I almost felt like God sent me a message through the universe telling me to never lose sight of my first love and that one day I will rule the world with my gifts.

But, for now, I'm just focused on producing material and not waiting for anyone to validate me. I validate myself. 

The very thing you try to downplay, hide, trivialize, or give up on is the same gift that was meant to bless people all over the world. Your story is worthy to be told. You don't need a hashtag to tell you that either.