290. Family Reunion

The last time my ENTIRE family from both sides was in the same room was about 12 years ago. 

Here they were again.

images (2).jpg

However, instead of it being a high school graduation, it was an unfortunate diagnosis. There were people everywhere, sitting on sofas, chairs, playing outside, cooking food and lots of it. 

I even had a chance to play with the babies of the family which really made me feel better.

The best part was the family prayer. I can never get too much of prayer.

Well, my mother said, "Why does it take something like this for us all to get together?"

That may be a good question, but an even better one? How do we make most of the time while everyone's here? No phones, be plugged into each other, laughter, and prayer.

I receive healing and prayer in the name of Jesus. 


(By the way, I enjoyed our little family reunion despite how I was feeling).