288. True Friendship

Friendship is priceless. When you have real, true friendship, it is worth more than gold. It surpasses the value of rubies. That's why I find it disheartening when people say they don't have friends because they "don't trust people" or they "don't get along with others."

Well, I don't care what anyone says, I value all my relationships. 


My friends and family have been there for me, especially during this time and I am so grateful and full of joy. 

If you don't have real friends in your corner rooting you, praying for you, and being there when you need them most, then it's time to get some new ones. Show yourself friendly, be a cheerful giver, and use discernment when it comes to reading people's spirit. We cannot hang out with any and every ol' body. 

Until next time, be blessed...