285. I Am Already Healed

This blog has been an amazing rollercoaster, especially these last couple of days. You can probably tell that I was completely out of it, and I was. I was in the hospital for five days with pneumonia. During that time I also received a pretty interesting diagnosis.

Apparently the malignant tumor I had surgery on last year and radiation for earlier in the year came back. Apparently. And this time, it's in my right lung. 

I'm set to receive chemotherapy.

already healed.jpg

Most people would hear that news and lose their minds. But for me? I am standing on every single word of God and believing that my healing is already done. I already know I'm coming out of this, and when I do my life is going to change for the better.

I can honestly tell you that I see visions of myself speaking about my testimony, writing books constantly, and changing the world positively.

I just believe it. 

Yes there may be pain. Yes there may be fatigue. Yes there may be attacks by the enemy to go after my mind, but again, I believe my healing is already done. 

Stand on the promise of God. Believe his word to be true and speak life into yourself. 

Buckle up your seatbelt, it's about to be an amazing ride.