259. A Recurring Theme

Now that the first day of school is right around the corner, I'm ALL IN when it comes to school preparation. As excited as I am for the school year -- I just received my 2017-2018 class list -- there's also something I'm noticing. Anything related to business or side projects have literally slowed. By the time I get home it's husband/family/health time, I'm prepping for the next day, blogging, answering social media, reading, then bed.

Where is all of this time to balance my other projects and business going to come from? 

I can hear it now. 

"Wake up earlier!"

"Do a little each day!"

"You don't want it bad enough!"


This has been an ongoing issue. Okay, it's not an issue. Maybe it's a recurring theme. My profession and gift is teaching, my passion and talent is writing, and a skill I've acquired over the years is e-learning.  

Can't I just combine these three things and it'll be all good?

Maybe. But, when I tell you it's difficult, it's tuuuuuffffff. Honestly, when I realize I'm not going 120 in one area, it bothers me. It feels like I'm dividing up all of my time between little things and it bugs me. 

I don't want to say that I'm back to square one, but I just want to be great in whatever it is I do. I just need some serious help, guidance, and direction. Whatever it is, I just have to keep working and make it all count.