258. You're So Nice

Yesterday, I walked into a store to get some hair products. Immediately, I saw a woman at the front of the store. Funny thing is the greeting that I heard came from the back of the store.

Although not in plain sight, I heard a voice ask me if I needed help. The other woman -- the one I could clearly see at the front of the store -- responds to her co-worker by saying, "Wow, you're so nice."

So, wait. Let me get this straight. You have to be nice to do your job? You have to be nice to say a basic greeting? You have to be nice to ask a customer if they need help?

This is not a rant, just an observation.

Many of us are so satisfied with just showing up to our jobs and falling into our own routines that simple things often get overlooked. Whether it's a simple hello to a customer, an offer of help, or providing solutions to our place of business, it is so easy for mediocrity to rear its ugly head on a daily basis.

I can't criticize the woman with the lack of customer service skills. Many of us are guilty. Some of us "don't want to be bothered" or don't show up to work on our A-game all of the time. 

But if that's the job we have to do, we have to be mindful of the role we play at our place of business. It's not just about showing up to get a paycheck. We have the ability to impact people every single day, and if a basic greeting goes out of the window, how do we expect to be the change in the world that we want to see?

Whatever you do, show up, make it count, and don't forget the basic things that exercises common courtesy. Put yourself in other people's shoes and be a solution, not a problem.