255. The Dangers of Over-Consumption

For 10 years I did nothing but consume. Literally, my entire 20s consisted of me reading, researching, studying other people, reflecting on material, and watching TV. *seriously* 

Most people wouldn't think that it's an issue that I spent my time doing a lot of reading and researching. I still do those things today. But, the problem is that for all the information I was taking in, I was putting nothing out. 

Basically, I allowed my consumption to overthrow my production.

Most of the projects that I started never saw a finish date, and the things I did happen to finish were all consumer-based: graduating from college, getting certified as an educator, making (or barely making it, I should say) as a new teacher. 

My how the times have changed. 

Fast forward to my current status as a creator. I produce something every single day. You "hear" that? Every. Single. Day!

For every book I read, I publish something of my own.

For every theory I research, I try to apply it in some creative way and present it to others. Gone are the days that take me forever and half a century to start a project because I'm waiting until I have all of my ducks in a row.

It just doesn't work like that people.

You don't have to have everything perfect to get started.

You don't need to read every theory, listen to EVERY podcast, watch EVERY video, or seek advice from EVERY guru. All it takes is a little information to elevate your game.

Once you got that, take it and run! Don't just sit around thinking about it. And also, don't fall into the rabbit hole of endless information that has you stuck to the point that you don't do anything. That is incredibly dangerous.

Everything you need to do to carry out your project, start that organization, write that book, produce that film, record that album, whatever, is already in your possession. You don't need to memorize every fact or seek approval of the latest researchers to get started. Stop being afraid of being wrong or failing forward. It's apart of the game. Just remember:

Get a little and give a lot. Don't just over-consume. Make something already.