253. Staying Ahead of the Curve

Times are changing. Quickly. One minute a certain social media site is popular, the next week it's obsolete. Jobs that exist right now will be wiped away in just a few short years. The funny thing is that with all the fast changes that's happening in the world, some people refuse to adapt.

Not adapting to change and moving with the times is a huge mistake.

I just saw a video the other day about things robots will be able to do in the up and coming years that will all but wipe out most of the menial tasks humans do. 

So, where does that leave you? Are you staying ahead of the curve? Are you reading constantly, picking the brains of those with knowledge, and applying the information that you've heard? 

This is my biggest task right now, especially in education. It's time for a major shakeup in the way we teach and present information. As a grade school teacher, I'm trying to start with the most obvious by moving away from paper and pencil and digitizing the room. Some people do not see this as essential, but if our students don't know the basics of modern tech (especially when under-served children don't have the proper technology in their homes), they WILL get left behind.

Our future generations don't deserved to get left behind.

At any rate, as I prepare for the upcoming 2017-2018 school and all of the exciting changes to come with teaching, my entrepreneurial projects, and writing, I'm prepared to keep my eyes glued to the scene and my ear to the ground. 

Something's about to happen people. You must be ready.