252. A Shift

With the start of the school year approaching, so much is going on. SO MUCH. At times I feel like I'm a chicken running with my head cut off. From going to professional development and other trainings as well as setting up my classroom and organizing my closets -- *whew* That thought alone is enough to make you take a step back and breathe.

One thing I can say is that a shift is occurring in my life. With a renewed sense of purpose and a desire to use my gifts and talents to elevate others and myself, I am thinking about things a little differently.

For example, yesterday I approached my principal about a course I designed that I thought could help the other teachers -- especially new teachers. Now only did she love it, but she talked to me about approaching the district coordinator about putting it in more schools. What a small win!

The goal here is to begin transitioning from mere employee to an entrepreneurial-minded individual whose acquired skill will bring solutions to my environment.

It's all about solutions, not problems. We have enough problems in this world.

I am more than certain that this blog with go through another change -- actually, a total site transformation is occurring soon -- and all I know is that whatever it is I pursue, whether it's a novel series, online course library, or writing grants, I have no other choice but to be successful. I will not settle for anything less.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.