269. A Successful First Week

My first week back to school was pretty awesome. And you know what else? I am even enjoying the school grind: Arrive earlier, leave later.

First and foremost, I just have to shout out these students. All I have to say is wow! These kids are amazing.


  • Work well together

  • Are hard workers

  • Are kind to their peers

  • Are organized

  • Are creative

What a promising school year!

I understand that nothing will be perfect, and that it's still early in the school year, but I have high hopes for my class and what they will be able to do. 

It's all about expectations. 

high expectations.jpg

I really want the best for these kids, and I know that there are some things regarding education that needs to change. Of course I have to be the change I want to see, but that's something I'll be addressing in the future posts. For now, I'm going to cherish these wonderful moments and keep moving forward.