265. The Top 10%

In my graduating class in high school, I was in the top 10% of the student body. The interesting fact about this is that if a student was in the top 10% they immediately qualified to go to any public university in the state of Texas. 

  Photo credit: Gail Perry

Photo credit: Gail Perry

Whether or not some people think that's fair is neither here nor there. The point is a lot of students all over the state clawed their way to the top. Whatever needed to be done, making all A's in all subjects, being uber competitive, being apart of every extracurricular activity under the sun -- it was quite the rat race. 

But so is life. 

If you're not careful, life will become like a rat race, a maze that you can't seem to get out of. Mind-numbing routines, unfulfilling work, and feelings of imprisonment will take hold of you and leave you feeling empty and disillusioned on the inside. 

Luckily, that little top 10% rule that was ever-present when I was in high school, seems to apply in when it comes to success. 

According to motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy, 

Being in the top 10% is where the money is. What you have to do is pay any price and make any sacrifice to get into the top 10% in your field.

If you’re doing what you love to do you will want to be in the top 10% in your field. If you don’t want to be excellent at what you’re doing, it means you’re in the wrong field.

Everybody in the top 10% started in the bottom 10%. This means if you’re willing to pay the price and make sacrifices, you can get into the top 10%.
— Brian Tracy

I really have nothing to say after that. Seriously, I heard those words and it really put many things into perspective.

Focus on dominating your lane. Not whining. Not complaining. Not going in circles when it comes to your goals. 

What is it that you want and what are you willing to do to get there? What is it that you've been doing for so long that you just want to give up on because you don't seem to be progressing? It's time to find out who's in the top so you can begin reverse engineering for your own success.