261. Reclaiming My Time

There's nothing that I dislike more than a long, pointless meeting.

As a matter of fact, most meetings are pointless. People sitting around, not listening to invited speakers, having their own side conversations, looking like they would rather be anywhere else than there.

Some people would argue that meetings are essential, that it's a way for everyone to be on one accord. Ok, but there are other ways to achieve this. There's video conferencing. There's quick, cut to the chase "this is what we need to do or give me an update" meeting.

But, in my humble opinion, meetings are an absolute waste. 

It's gotten so ridiculous in my field that We The Teachers have turned into students. We are monitored by elected officials to make sure we are sitting in assigned seats (yes, assigned seats), that we are forced to watch painful training videos that look like they haven't seen an update since the 80s, and we get threatened with the good ol' fashion warning, "If you don't attend, we're docking your pay."

This is what people hold over your head. A meeting. A pointless, wasteful meeting. 

My time is precious. Of all things, this is at the top. Once you lose it, you don't get it back, so I want to make sure my time is spent on things that are productive, that uplifts and doesn't tear down. 

This is why I'm reclaiming my time. 

Maxine Waters, representative from California, coined this phrase after a hearing where a government official was stalling when answering her question. He, my friends, was wasting her time, so she reclaimed it.

I'm reclaiming my time, too.

Some of you may think this is disrespectful, but I leave most meetings I am told to attend. I do not stay and I do not care about "docking of the pay." That means absolutely nothing to me. I'd rather be working on something I deem important.

It's my time. 

You should be able to spend time doing what you want to do how you want to do it. Someone may argue and say that you signed up for a particular job, but to be honest that's not my goal or focus. I am most concerned with unlocking the genius inside of every student, not sitting in unhelpful trainings and pointless meetings.