228. Living Far Below Your Potential

No one comes into the world wanting to live an average life.

When asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up," kids normally don't make declarations that they want to be mediocre. Live the status quo. Just get by. Survive.

Most kids with amazing imaginations have big dreams to live extraordinary lives. Be things that miserable grownups tell them that they can't be. It is only by this unfortunate negativity that they settle into the drab, mind-numbing routine of adulthood. 

There's a whole lot of people who were once starry-eyed kids with big dreams who grew into a lost soul. Their dreams were all but snuffed out. 

But, do you know it's still there? Buried underneath all of the negative conditioning, there's still the life you were destined to live. There's the gift lying dormant within your spirit, ready to be stirred up. 

Tonight, I had the privilege of seeing Dr. Eric Thomas in a spiritual development event in Houston, TX. He talked about what it meant to live below our potential. He said:

God is disappointed that you’re not the person he designed you to be.
— ET

I immediately identified with this quote. I believe a lot of us have so much to give to this world, but for whatever reason we've consented to playing small.

We're scared to be the person we were meant to me. 

No more. 

It's time to stop living below our potential. We are truly not in the place we want to be because someone (maybe even ourselves) convinced us that it's not worth the risk. 


I don't know what it's going to take, but I'm marching full steam ahead. Whatever I want out of life, I'm going to get it. I will be all I want to be and then some. Bestselling author, successful entrepreneur, whatever, I will achieve it.

Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man what the Lord has for me.

Believe that for yourself. Discover the real you by walking in your gift.