226. Phenomenal Consumers

On a recent episode of The Secrets to Success podcast featuring Dr. Eric Thomas and the ETA Squad, there were so many jewels being dropped from left to right that I seriously thought my speakers were raining diamonds.  

That's what good content does. It convicts you. It incites you to some sort of action. It lights a fire under you and urges you to keep going. It begs you to live far above your potential.

Good content pushes you to be great. 

This is how it all started: 

Most of you are phenomenal consumers. You should have been on TV. But, somehow you feel that Netflix gotta put you on. That Oprah gotta call you. That’s a consumer’s’ mindset.

Tyler Perry doesn’t have a consumer mindset. He has a producer’s mindset. People laughed at his plays but the people were buying [tickets].

You have to go from a consumer mindset to a producer mindset, and your content is going to change. The companies willing to pay you $50k-$100k is looking for certain content.
— ET The Hip Hop Preacher

In this instance, ET is addressing those with a consumer's mindset. These are people who consume so much information that they wait around for a "right" time or for someone to put them on. A consumer's mindset means you're asking for permission instead of giving yourself the green light. 

His words hit me like a ton of bricks because I've been the phenomenal consumer. Always waiting around for the perfect time, asking people to grant me entry into their space, undervaluing my resources.

But, companies looking for real solutions, change, and next level content are looking for producers, people actually in the business of creating and not in this endless cycle of wishing something were to happen if only someone would acknowledge them and put them on.

Put yourself on.

Whatever project you have, idea floating in your mind, or strong desire you are seeking to fulfill, stop waiting around for someone to give you your big break. Break out of that consumer's mentality, get to work, and put yourself out there.