250. Fears of Being Overwhelmed

Everybody is on a grind. Every day I see a post, a meme, a video or something else of a person informing the world that they are out here grinding. That seems to be the new catchphrase these days.

I admit, I've used the phrase a time or to. When you get pumped about going after the things you want in life, that feeling of excitement and determination overtakes you and your words and actions begin to reflect those feelings.

Then reality set in.

Nothing about "the grind" is glamorous. NOTHING. Waking up early, putting in several hours more than the average Joe, and not taking days off is not a walk in the park for anyone. I don't care how passionate anyone claims to be. 

I can admit that although I work consistently every day on my projects, there are days where I hesitate about taking on too much. I have these fears of being so overwhelmed that I don't have time for myself. Time to breathe, relax, and enjoy what's around me. 

But, I realize that those fears aren't real. That if I truly wanted to seek harmonic balance in my life that I could make a choice to not just work but take some time to stop and enjoy life around me. 

It's not always about the grind. It's about peace of mind, relationships, a clean heart, a renewed spirit, and other forms of fulfillment. 

So, whether or not those fears are justified, every now and again I remind myself to go out and achieve harmonic balance. I know that if I ever feel overwhelmed I can always take a step back and breathe. There's no harm in giving myself space to clear my head, reset, and get back into the swing of things.

Don't be so hard on yourself. If you need a minute to gather yourself, refocus, and regain your strength, take some time for you and get out there and make significant contributions in the world.