249. The Process of Creation

It's amazing how I can read something several times and get something different out of it each reading. I really believe this is the power of information and why it's important for many of us to keep our head in a good book that will elevate us, inspire us, and keep us moving day by day. 

I've recently started all over in Bible reading. We're talking right from the beginning, Genesis 1:1. Although I've read the opening book so many times, I really felt a connection with the part on creation. Maybe it's because I'm at that stage of being a producer rather than consumer, but the parallels were amazing. 

Check these words: In the beginning, God:

  • Created

  • Said

  • Blessed

  • Rested when done

Ya'll, the very FIRST line is that he created. He made something. He's taking action steps. He's not waiting to ask permission to do something. 

What about us? Are we doing the same. 

Think about it:

What are we creating?

What are we calling into existence?

Who are we being a blessing to?

Are we resting when we are done with our projects or any time we feel like it?

That one chapter spoke to the producing part of me. It's the part not waiting around for things to happen and making moves right where I am. Like Dr. Eric Thomas says, you have everything you need right now to get started.

What are you waiting on. Time to create.