247. Same Situation, Different Perspective

I had an awesome training today. I went to a school professional development and THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself. Some people who know me -- especially co-workers -- may side-eye that comment. I can hear them already.

"Aren't you the person that can't STAND involuntary professional developments?"

"Aren't you that person ready to bolt out of the door never to return before a lunch break?"

"Aren't you that person doing other work during the speakers' presentation and rolling your eyes when you think you already 'know' a subject?"

I know I know. It sounds terrible. And trust me, I've been terrible before. I was the eye-rolling, distracted, clock-watching person before, believing that certain trainings were unnecessary. But, something has kicked in.

Maybe it's the realization that I finally know what my calling is and how wonderful it is to operate in my gift.

That, my friends, is worth more than money.

What's interesting is that just a few months ago, I probably would've been complaining and ready to go home as soon as I walked through the door, but with a renewed perspective, I was determined to be intentional.

Nothing has changed. My title hasn't changed. My district hasn't changed. My school is still the same. However, my perspective is different. 

When you open your mind and find value in things that you normally gloss over and take for granted, you begin to experience life on a different level. Sometimes we want a new opportunity when we don't even take advantage of the one we have.

Change your attitude, change your perspective, change the way you experience life forever.

I know I have.