246. Seek Ye First

There are so many amazing things that are happening right now that I can't even explain, but I will say that this transition, my shift is all because of three words:

Seek ye first.

There are so many people who are looking for answers from different places, asking many people for advice, listening to all types of gurus and feeling like they still have no solid sense of direction.

I DARE any one of you to seek God first.

I DARE you to get in the word, pray, and start taking steps. I promise you, an indescribable force will begin guiding you and you'll have a certain type of peace that will surpass all understanding. 

I was guilty of this (not seeking God first). I was looking for answers in every place BUT the one source where all answers are found. That's why started to lean not to my own understanding, cemented myself in my faith, and kept working. Sure enough those doors that seemed to have been locked for years are all of a sudden creeping right open.

It's so overwhelming to talk about! The feeling is so amazing and mind-blowing, I just feel like I'm in another dimension.

Moral to the story: If you're feeling like you're stuck, you have no earthly idea what you're doing with yourself, you need a step-by-step guidance plan, I'm telling you seek ye first the kingdom of God and HIS righteousness, and EVERYTHING you could have ever imagined will be added unto you.