245. Quicken Your Pace

I don't believe in coincidences. Far from it. I understand that every message I receive is carefully planned, crafted, and predetermined to meet me right where I am. That's why when I heard this one particular message at least three times today, I knew I had to act on it right away. The message was:

Quicken your pace.

The first place I heard it was from ET. He posted a short inspirational video called Speed Hack. In the video, ET mentions how he was once a procrastinator until he was given life-changing information about getting things done as fast as you can with as much efficiency as possible. 

This makes so much sense. When I think about news articles, media, or anything information driven, sites like TMZ wins because they are first. They are fast with information, first, and oftentimes correct. Some days you wonder how they do it. 

But, if you want that edge on your competitors and if you want to knock out those goals that you've been saying you're going to do for the last couple weeks, jump in and don't move a muscle until it's done.

Then, I heard a message from a TD Jakes sermon. He said if God is going to do a great work within you, you can't take little steps and claim that 'things take you more time.' He said that you have to be able to take big steps. You have to pick up the pace. Take a big step!

I felt like those messages were designed just for me. What was so funny is that as I was doing some e-learning training, one of the instructors talked about features that would help us "produce products faster." 

It's time to stop dragging your feet. Pick up the pace. Stop saying, "Tomorrow," "Soon," and "I'll get there". The time is now. You don't know what the next day will bring. Don't wait until something happens before you get started. Start now.