242. Assets Vs. Liabilities

I've been re-reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, and I've been thinking about my future, the kind of life I want to live, the sacrifices I have to make to get where I need to go, and the level of commitment I must have.

I also did an exercise based off the book called assets vs. liabilities, categorizing things that put money into your pocket versus those things that take from it. It was an eye-opening experience. It let me know that I definitely have to step my game up and remove/reduce some of my liabilities and increase my assets.

But, then I also started to think. Assets and liabilities aren't just about money. It can be applied to people too. Assets can be people who add value to your life, make you better, stronger, wiser, and push you to greatness, while those "liabilities" can be the soul suckers who are constantly negative, draining, complaining, selfish, or other.


Contrary to popular belief, I do not believe that we are designed to be all things to ALL people. There's just no way. In our human limitations, I believe we can help people where they are with the resources we have, but it's not possible to save EVERY SINGLE person. Everyone doesn't want to be saved/helped. I also do not believe it's healthy to surround yourself with people who drain the life out of you, people that add nothing to your life but negativity.

It's the hardest thing to say (and do) but sometimes you just have to let some people go. There are some folks whose mentality is negative, who complains incessantly, and bring the whole mood down. We can try to be as positive as we want, but it's only so much you can take before that negative mentality begins to infect you.

Again, I'm not saying we shouldn't be nice or cordial, but I believe we need to understand that some people just will not understand the power of positivity, wanting better in life, and spreading that goodness to others.

This is why I wholeheartedly believe we need to expand our asset column, not just with our finances but with our relationships. #Period.