237. Push Through

I'm not feeling it today. I just want to curl into bed and lay for a few extra hours. Yet, here I am. Holding on. Punching these keys. Fighting that urge to retreat to my comfort place. 

Some days will be more productive than others, and at times you won't always feel up to tackling your to do list on a daily basis.

However, you have to fight through.

You have to remind yourself why you are here living, breathing, and walking the face of this earth. You have to remind yourself of your purpose and use that as fuel to push you every day.

One thing I like to do is keep a notebook of all of the things I want to accomplish in my life -- a dream book. I do my best to list those dreams to remind myself what I'm fighting for.

I'm fighting for my gift. I'm fighting for my personal freedom.

There is absolutely nothing in life that's more important to me than being able to live a life beyond my imagination, where I'm able to wake up and decide my day on a regular basis and be compensated handsomely for my contributions to society. 

However, if that's going to happen, I have to #RiseAndGrind, force myself to get up and move forward with everything that's within me.

Yes, I know you're tired. I know you're frustrated and probably even ready to give up. But you can't. You have to keep moving forward, allowing your dreams to push you to greatness each day. Your willingness to go after your dreams in spite of your feelings is what will elevate you from being good to great. 

Get up and get yourself a win.