197. Why Amazing Ideas Are Doomed For Failure

You have a fantastic idea. You were commuting one morning and it popped in your head. Or, maybe you've always wanted to chase this dream. It's so amazing, it's almost impossible for it to fail. Only it does. And there's one reason why.

You're going at it alone.

This lesson in particular resonates with me. It speaks to me because I've always made excuses in the past as to why I couldn't work with other people. 

Here were some of the excuses I've made in the past:

  • I am not a people person

  • I'm too awkward to work with others

  • I don't click with anyone enough to work with them

  • I end up doing everything, anyway

  • I'd rather work alone, be left alone, and have my own space

  • I'm just an "introvert" (ha! like that excuses teamwork)

  • I can't find anyone that has the same work ethic

  • I won't be able to get these people on my team

  • I'm not as good as...

  • <insert any other ridiculous excuse here>

I hate to break the news to all those who believe they can "make it" without a team:

You will only get so far.

After studying successful businesses and business people, all of them had one thing in common: they had systems. There was a network of people who all came together for the greater good of the project, and when EVERYBODY bought in, EVERYBODY won. The business won. 

With that being said, if you haven't already done so get on a team. Notice I didn't say find a team. For many of us, we wouldn't even know where to start.

However, when you offer your services and become a part of a functioning, well-oiled machine, you learn how to be selfless, what management looks like, and humble yourself to serve. Eventually, that will rub off in your future endeavors. But for now, you need to sow good seeds of service into the universe.

Watch how being on a team and giving your all to a group will change your life forever. I know mine has already changed.