195. I Sleep When I'm Done

I used to sleep a lot. A LOT. For long periods of time, too. I figured since I could mold my dreams any way I wanted, I could sleep a little longer to experience the life I wanted. I could meet who I wanted, travel where I wanted, and allow my imagination to take over.

That's until I woke up.

When I saw that my reality didn't match up with my dreaming. If I wanted them to align, I needed to do less sleeping and thinking about what I wanted, and transition my mindset into the doing part. Action.

That's why a message by Dr. Eric Thomas, ET, resonated with me (I mean, what message do I not connect with? They're all fantastic). In this one speech he says:

I don’t sleep when I’m tired; I sleep when I’m done.
— Dr. Eric Thomas

I've been taking that principle to new levels, pushing myself to finish assignments and shatter deadlines. To me, it's been about becoming the hardest worker in the pack, to re-establish my previous reputation and lose that label of being a quitter in my former life.

This is all apart of growing into the person you've always wanted to be. When things that used to appeal to you don't interest you anymore. When things you anticipated is nothing more than a distant memory. 

Each and every day I'm striving to be a better version of myself, and I realize that the only way I live out that dream is for me to wake up and work.

Let's shatter those deadlines. Sleep when you're done.