194. The Four Words That Will Change Your Life

Someone asked me an interesting question the other day. The person asked, "What you do you think I need to do to grow my business and get more clients?"

I'll be the first to say that I'm not a business expert. I'm in the startup phase of my own company. However, I can honestly say from my personal experience that four small words have made such a huge impact in my life in just a short amount of time. You ready for this life-changing, secret formula phrase? Here it is:

How can I help?

I know what you're thinking. That's it? That's the secret, magic formula? ABSOLUTELY. It's so good, I think I want to write it again:


Just yesterday I was casually blogging, working on my debut novel, and signing up for a network of like-minded entrepreneurs, and now I'm working with 3 clients that I didn't even plan to have. It's been such an amazing experience already. 

I told the person who asked me about growing their business that I may not be a wildly successful entrepreneur, but it's only a matter of time. Why? Because of those four simple words. 

In this world, everybody seems to be out to get something. Naturally, right? We all want things that we believe will satisfy us. We all want more money, more contacts, more luxurious trips, and more success. But have we ever stopped to see how we could be of more service?

I believe that the energy we put into the universe has its way of getting back to us. And, I'm not suggesting that we should be givers or be of service just so that we can get things back. What I'm saying is that the more service we sow into the atmosphere, the more we will reap the goodness back into our spirit one way or another. It's almost like you can't help but to win. That's what I feel like. I can't help but to win. 

I win when I help others win. 

Yes, many of us are going after our goals with the determination of a lion, but remember that one of the best ways to get your start is by giving your gift away. Wanting to be of genuine service will take you far in life because no one will forget the person who took an extra step to help someone in need. 

No one is telling you to go out here and get taken advantaged of. Of course we must be mindful of our surroundings and have a discerning spirit. But overall, I believe God brings people to our lives for a reason. It's so we can use our gift to serve them

Be of service, give your gift away, and ask, "How can I help?"