220. How One Student's Piece of Advice Gave me Motivation to Write

I won't lie, I was moping. Questioning everything about life. Am I doing the right thing? Am I pursuing the right goal? Am I really just doing too much, dividing up my time in too many places and running myself in the ground? Am I off course on my book writing adventures?

I was in a state of confusion. And sometimes having those moments of questioning can be enlightening. However, they don't always feel good. TRUST ME.

Not knowing where you're going, not feeling sure of yourself, it's enough to drive you up the wall. 

Then, I read something.

I am a firm believer in keeping journals or some sort of documentation on your life. I say this because in our documentation, we are able to leave little messages to ourselves -- little clues I like to call breadcrumbs -- to help us along the way in our journey. 

So, I picked up my last year's journal, and I read a couple things:

  1. I read an entry about a brainstorming session with my nephew. He gave me one name and I received a great book series idea.

  2. I read another entry about what a student said to me. It made me get up from my little moping session and open my laptop to write the post you're reading now. 

Here's what my student said:

Mrs. Jones, you always say that you can’t do something good, but you’re a good artist. You should go in business for yourself and make a million dollars and not make that $5 a week they’re paying you in this school.
— Z.E., Thursday March 31, 2016

I read that and cracked up. CRACKED UP. I'm talking about laughing at loud. First of all, that child was funny and liked to be the *ahem* center of attention if you catch my drift. But, there was something in his words that spoke to me. 

Some days I feel all over the place. Some days it may seem like none of my efforts are even materializing. I even get those messages from the ones close to me saying,

"But why are you doing that when it's not profitable at the moment?"

All I do is tell them that I trust the process and that things will happen in due time. I believe in myself, my gift.  

Therefore, I say to you:

Trust the process.

You may feel lost, confused, unsure of yourself, and threaten to throw in the towel. But, if you see your greatness in your head, envision what you can become, and be consistent at what you do, eventually you'll discover yourself to be in the place where you've always dreamed. Don't let go of it.