219. Don't Let One Rejection Ruin Your Small Wins

Another day. Another dollar. Another rejection. We're talking immediate rejection, too.

"It's not the right fit, sorry." 

After celebrating my small successes for the week -- finishing a near 30,000-word motivational book in a week, getting an article published, networking with like-minded people, and building my e-learning business -- one tiny rejection threatened to ruin it all. 

It's funny how many amazing things can happen in our lives but one "negative" experience can overshadow them. It's just like a negative comment. You can receive 200 nice comments, but that one nasty message just stabs at your rib cage like a stake. 

Someone saying "no" can be discouraging. Even if the "no" is wrapped in a nice, shiny, pretty bow, it can still feel like a piece of your pride is being stepped on with steel boots.

But, this is all the more reason why we should validate ourselves first. Notice I didn't say become full of ourselves. Validate ourselves. 

We have to know that we do have talent. That our stories are worth being told. And that one no doesn't mean no forever. It can mean "not now", "go back and refine", or "not for me". Rejection is not always someone taking a personal shot at you.

Rejection could simply be an experience to help you along your growth process as a human, a professional, an artist. 

I wrote all of this to say this:

Don't allow one person's "no" to stop your progress. Don't allow rejection to keep you from creating. Don't consent to having a person's rejection overshadow your small wins.

For, if we fail to celebrate our successes and internalize the rejection, we'll begin to trivialize our gifts until we no longer believe it's worthy to exist.

Your gift is worthy, no matter what anyone says. Keep going.