217. Stay True to Your Voice

This post goes out to a fellow writer by the name of Shonda. She and I belong to an awesome writing community where we get to do assignments, give each other feedback and encouragement, and improve our craft.

A few posts ago, I discussed the importance of being apart of a mastermind group, or a collective of like-minded individuals who exchange knowledge, ideas, and accountability. I'm grateful to be apart of different groups where I am able to improve my character as a human being, learn the value of hard work and persistence, and just overall link up with great people who are not afraid to tell you the truth. 

That's what being apart of a supportive community does -- it elevates you.

When I posted my blog assignment, I was given some awesome feedback from Shonda. She told me that she would have liked to see more of a reflection in my work and how I should connect my personal experiences to the subject matter. In the education world, we like to call this making a text-to-self connection.

What's funny is that all day I sat debating if I should even put up the post. Originally, it was more personal and reflective, but I wanted to keep it neutral. I wanted it to sound "report-y," for a lack of a better term. However, what Shonda's advice showed me was that removing my voice from the post was like silencing myself. Like Kevin Hart says,

"We all have a story. We should tell it."

Again, I thank Shonda for her priceless feedback and I thank everyone person who reads this blog, even if I feel like it's just me and God holding it down on this side of the globe. Whatever the case, I'm glad to be using my gift in a way to inspire others, myself, and generations to come.

I am also inspired by you and your gifts, too.

Remember to stay true to your voice and don't compromise. You were fearfully and wonderfully made. Don't be afraid to display it to the world.