215. A Powerful Lesson We Can All Learn From Kevin Hart

In Kevin Hart's instant #1 New York Times Bestselling memoir I Can't Make This Up: Life Lessons, the comedian, writer, and producer has inspired millions of readers around the globe.

The book is filled with pearls of wisdom about hard work, determination, persistence, and what it means to "write your own story."

Hart believes that each person's life is a book, and the way the "book" is written is based on how that individual chooses to live. We can either choose to learn from our mistakes and keep moving forward with our dreams, or sit on our potential and marinate in our own destruction.

One of the lessons that particularly stands out is Hart's view on having "bounce back." It's the ability to pursue goals even in the face of opposition. 

Young Kevin Hart

Young Kevin Hart

Kevin tells the story of his early years in comedy. He was set to perform in front of a comedic scout who was known for discovering major talent. When Kevin performed for him, the man told him that he needed to find something else to do.

He told Kevin that he needed to quit. 

Photo credit: YouTube.com/jusburnho 19-year-old Kevin just starting out on the comedy scene.

Photo credit: YouTube.com/jusburnho

19-year-old Kevin just starting out on the comedy scene.

Kevin displayed great "bounce back", understanding that his success wasn't determined by whether one man approved him or not. His success was determined by whether or not he would give up. 

He didn't.

He pressed through rejection after rejection until he received one yes. The one yes is what turned his life around. 

Success goes much deeper than talent. There are so many talented people sitting on their couches, waiting for an opportunity. There are so many gifted people trying to figure out why they are living average lives.

Yet, if we were to peel back their actions and look into their day-to-day routine, we'd see that their habits don't set them up for success. They want things that they aren't willing to work for, things they are willing to give up on so easily.

In life, you will experience the no's. You will come into contact with people who may not understand your vision. However, if you let those rejections discourage you, you won't be able to experience a life that you've always wanted, a life that's within arm's length if you work hard enough for it. 

Learn from Kevin. Show grit. Have bounce back. Don't give up on yourself. The world is waiting to hear your story. Tell it.