214. The Power of the 21st Century Mastermind Group

When Napoleon Hill first wrote about forming mastermind groups, it was the 20th century and he'd just published a little book called Think and Grow Rich (1937). Nowadays, the the popularity of the mastermind group has surged, and with the current digital age, the concept of linking people with like minds has never been easier.

Hill describes the Master Mind Alliance as a study club, consisting of a number of friendly and harmonious people who join together to exchange knowledge and ideas for the accumulation of money (6, 106). He emphasizes that the key to make the group work is that everyone must offer some sort of value in exchange of cooperation to help the other achieve their desired levels of success. 

The benefits of a mastermind group includes:

  • Having a sense of accountability to complete goals

  • Engaging in meaningful discussions with like-minded individuals 

  • Receiving constructive criticism for improvement

  • Receiving ideas from people with different levels of expertise

I'm not sure if Napoleon Hill knew how much his words would impact future generations of entrepreneurs, forward thinkers, and creatives. However, the term mastermind has morphed into something Napoleon probably didn't see -- people of all backgrounds connecting both domestically and abroad. 

Thanks to technology, people all over the world are able to use mediums such as apps, social media platforms, devices, and other means of digital communication to connect like-minded people all over the world. 

As a member of Breathe University, a network of professionals and entrepreneurs led by world-renowned motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas, I participate in weekly mastermind calls every Sunday morning. People all around the globe log into GoToWebinar and Facebook to hear about the plans and ideas of our fellow members, get connected with a coach or mentor, and have an accountability partner to check in to make sure that the goal has been reached. 

Breathe U -- local chapter.

Breathe U -- local chapter.

This group has been so instrumental in my life that within three short months of joining I was able to build an e-learning business designing various courses for professionals in the group. I even received the opportunity to get personal coaching to help me build a brand and revamp my entire web presence. Although I know everything is going to take time, the support so far has been mind-blowing and it deepens my faith in the Master Mind Alliance. 

Whoever you are, wherever you are, find a mastermind group now. Whether it's a closed Facebook group that exchanges business ideas or if it's a local meet up, don't waste another moment. Joining a group that's consistent, selfless, full of wisdom, and put service first will change your life. 

I can only say this because I experience it every week.