213. The Eureka Moment

I can't describe how I feel right now. When you get an idea that sends chills up and down your spine it's enough to have you turning cart wheels in the street. Granted, there are no guarantees that this idea is going to work, but I do know that it didn't pop into my head for no reason at all, and I won't stop until I've put it to good use.

The point of this post is not this idea floating in my mind. It's about what to do when you have your own "Eureka moment", or when you believe something brilliant is upon you. Many of us feel stuck each and every day, going through the motions, wondering if anything will ever look up. Then, the moment we get an opportunity, we don't capitalize on it well enough. We let it slip through our fingers like quicksand. 

Not anymore. It's time to be ready when the idea or opportunity comes. 

If you have a Eureka moment that you feel could be a life-changing idea, consider this:

1. Write it down. Some people underestimate the power of journaling. As I've mentioned previously, I have been actively collecting my journals since 2005. That's 12 years of documentation, or what I like to call breadcrumbs -- the clues you leave behind for yourself. Write your idea down so you can refer to it for future references. 

2. Calm down. It's easy to get excited, throw caution to the wind, and jump into a new project while dropping everything else. Relax. Allow the idea to marinate in your mind. Give yourself time to see the vision and commit to it before allowing it to be another one of those unfinished projects you've shelved. 

3. Plan. Whatever your idea is, it's going to take some time and planning. Nothing great has ever surfaced overnight and it's wise to map out the foundations of your project, how it will help others, and detailing your goals and action lists to complete them. 

4. Keep your mouth closed. Just because you have what you think is a fabulous idea don't mean that you have to go around blasting it. It could turn out that the idea is not as good as you thought it was going to be or it was something that you weren't really serious about in the first place. However, everyone doesn't have to know about it. Use discernment about who you confide in. Otherwise, zip it.

5. Act. This may seem a bit obvious, but to some it's the one thing that goes undone all of the time. An idea remains an idea if there's no action behind it. Put some walking to that talking and watch that idea flourish in ways you've probably never imagined.

6. Don't quit. So cliche but so true. Some of us quit so easily. You could have the most brilliant idea anyone has ever seen, but no one will know it if you quit prematurely. Stick with it, and watch it blossom. 

Cheers to new ideas and the people who aren't afraid of working them. I'm excited about taking the time, effort, and patience to see my idea come into fruition. Are you willing to do the same for yourself?