210. You Blew It, Now What?

You had opportunity after opportunity. You took the moment for granted. You didn't take it seriously. You didn't put your all into your project. You squandered thousands on scholarships. You neglected the contact. You wasted time. You forfeited your victories. You sabotaged your progress. 

You blew it.

As I was reading my old journals, I started to see how many opportunities I let slip right through my fingers. Whether it was having the chance to be on a television show, have an internship at a popular teen magazine, or graduating absolutely debt free, it's all gone now and all my fault.

It's funny how when we buckle down and get serious in our lives how it gets harder to get those amazing lost opportunities back. But, you know what my philosophy is? I believe when God has given us a glimpse of the things we could have in our lives we end up going through a series of challenges starting at ground zero. It is at this point where our commitment, patience, and dedication is tested.

Do you really want this or are you going to waste another opportunity put in front of you? Are you going to quit when something doesn't go your way? Are you going to sulk and throw in the towel when you see someone else enter your field and get more traction? Will you be self-centered or will you give? When you jump from one thing to the next and not buckle down?

I believe when we show true dedication and commitment to our gifts and using those to serve other people in a consistent and selfless way, we get a chance to reel those opportunities in again. But when everything comes full circle and we get the second chance, we are more likely to cherish it, to hold on to what we didn't appreciate in the beginning.

So, here's my challenge. If you somehow revisit your past and face some of the silly mistakes you've made along the way, don't be sad about it. Feeling sad won't change the outcome. Just put into your mind that you will not waste another opportunity, that you will work tirelessly, consistently, and selflessly until everything you lost will be multiplied back unto you times a million. 

Forgive yourself and keep moving forward.