209. Successful Habits Create Successful Outcomes

There's one major lesson I've learned by blogging daily. The main thing: I've developed a habit that seems to get easier and easier every day. Now, I'm not saying the act of writing itself is easy. Yes, there are days of resistance that threaten to stop my productivity. But, the process of writing has become so ingrained in me that I cannot imagine not doing it on a daily basis. It's come to the point where I would feel off if I didn't get some words down. 

Although I've always been that way -- always needing to have some type of writing material near to express my inner most thoughts -- words have never flowed so easily like they're doing now. Are my words perfect? No, of course they aren't. But, the more I write, the more I produce, the more I get intentional about where I want my writing to take me, the more I'm able to get better and better each day. 

This is my life's work; I will do whatever I can to progress in the direction of excellence each and every day.

I even started my second book. Although it's the furthest thing from my fiction project (I'm still busy pitching literary agents), I'm shocked by how the words are tumbling out of me. It's like all those years of collecting journals have somehow spilled onto the page/screen. I literally wrote an introductory chapter in less than an hour, and I can tell you that I'm laser-focused, zeroed-in, and determined.

My philosophy: If all else fails and the world is burning around you, just write. 

I did all of this rambling to say, nurse your craft. Sit with it. Nurture it. Immerse yourself in it. Don't take it for granted. While you're sleeping, watching TV, and twirling your fingers waiting on an opportunity to arrive at your doorstep, someone is creating their own opportunity. 

It's time to dive in. Be exceptional in your field. Be excellent at whatever you do. The more you work and develop your craft the more it will become second nature to you.