208. Free But Don't Know It

I had a blog topic all planned out. It was about the cure to feeling lackadaisical, lost, and confused in life. I'll probably end up posting that some other day this week, but there's a reason for this sudden change of heart. It's all because of TD Jakes.

So, I'm cleaning on a Sunday afternoon with a TD Jakes sermon blasting in the background. It's funny how I don't really listen to music any more while I'm cleaning, working out, or any other extra curricular like my folks used to do. For me, I have to have some type of word, whether it's spiritual or motivational.

At any rate, TD Jakes said something that stopped me in my tracks. ALL THE WAY in my tracks. He told his congregation that he was uncomfortable with Juneteenth. Now, if you don't particularly know about this American observance day, it's a time when people, namely Americans of African descent, celebrate the freedom of their enslaved ancestors. Not just any enslaved ancestors either -- the ones in Texas who were the last to even know they were already free. 

TD Jakes go on to say that it makes him uncomfortable that our ancestors was still in bondage, two years after de jure law via Emancipation Proclamation declared freedom nationwide. But, we all know how de facto law works. Just because something's on paper, doesn't mean it will be honored. (It explains things like Black Codes, voter suppression, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration to name a few).

But here's the thing that stopped me. It made me freeze in my spot and put a hand in the air. He said: 

"There's too many people right now who are free but don't know it."

Then he said, "You're free now! You can open that business, go back to school, get married, laugh again, smile, and live your life. You're free."

Maaaan, if that doesn't move you, I don't know what does. It's the absolute truth.

I know for me personally, the topic really hits home. When people talk about their why they mostly talk about their immediate families, children, and other things. You know what my why is? My ancestors. I always feel like I have no excuse not to live the way that I want considering the abuse and dehumanization they had to endure. They had no control over their own lives, ya'll! Do you not understand the heaviness of that? 

To not be my best, operate in my calling, and be exceptional is a slap to them. They had to survive the harshest of circumstances in order for me to live. Why would I walk around here moping and groaning about what I don't have? It just doesn't compare, which is the reason why I will walk in my freedom. Freedom to live, laugh, love, create and be me.

There are way too many people chained by negative opinions of others, bound by their finances, imprisoned by their own thoughts, servants to their failures. All those people are just free but don't know it. Break those chains off of your life, understand the precious time and moments that you have to walk in right now, and allow your ancestors to live through you in ways they never imagined that they would. 

And as for me, the same person who grew up in the place where the General Order #3 was read on June 19, 1865, please understand that I will not rest until I am able to get back what was stole from them. (even then I probably won't stop working). I will honor them with success, the beginning of generational victory.