207. The Power of Idea Execution

It's amazing what you can do when you're focused. When you sit down in a seat, make a decision to work on a project, and execute. I know, I've written about resistance so much on this blog. How resistance threatens to keep us from achieving the very thing we set out to do everyday. But, there's something liberating about the execution.

This morning, I started working on a new project. This time it's a non-fiction, motivational book that's been brewing inside of me for awhile. It's time to get it out. Working on this "self-help" book gives me time to do more fiction reading, research, and to allow me to continue pitching Hot Like Fire to literary agents. Also, I have a paranormal mystery series brewing in me and I want to make sure I tackle that one with care. 

I did all that rambling to make the following point: When you set your mind to something, block out distractions, and keep moving forward, it's amazing what you can do. It's amazing to see a little idea in the mind become a full-fledged reality once you birth it from the canals of your brain. (What a visual, right?)

So, cheers to productivity. Cheers to new ideas. Cheers to execution. Let's get it done and keep moving forward.