206. 90s Inspired

This is interesting. 3 of the 20 trending topics on Twitter has something to do with Tupac. Yes, that Tupac. The philosophical, intelligent, infamous, often misunderstood and criminalized Tupac.

I remember getting my first Tupac CD at age ten. TEN! The double CD with the parental advisory label on it. (That was back when there were actual music stores in the mall).

Photo credit: segundo2 blog

Photo credit: segundo2 blog

I remember my mama asking me what in the world was I listening to and hanging his poster on my wall. With all of those experiences, I wanted to capture it in a book.

Here's the thing, though. I'm just not sure if many people (read: agents) will understand it. I'm not rushing to judgement or saying that it's impossible, but I am saying that in my literary agent research, I'm finding it more and more difficult each day to find someone that I think will *get* my story. 

I wouldn't say this is a fear, but I will say that this is something I keep in the back of my head. All I know is that I did as Toni Morrison did when she wrote her first novel, The Bluest Eye. She said:

Perhaps, there is someone who will *get* my story and enjoy it just as much as I do. But, until then I'm going to move on to the next project. I literally have so many books in me right now, that I can't sit around twirling my fingers. 

In a nutshell, If there's something that you want to say, a story you want to write, a project you want to create, go for it. One day it will soar to incredible heights, but for now do it for the satisfaction. Do it because it speaks to you.

#KeepWriting #KeepCreating