205. The Dangers of Playing Small

You're afraid to step out. 

You're afraid of being seen.

You're afraid of criticism.

You're afraid of rejection.

You're afraid of not being good enough.

You're afraid of getting too much attention.

You're afraid of being ambushed, constantly bothered.

You're afraid of not having your quiet or alone time.

You're afraid of being ridiculed. 

You're afraid of your past haunting you.

You're afraid to immerse yourself in your craft.

You're afraid of putting your work out there.

You're afraid of another door closing in your face.

You're afraid of not being accepted.

You're afraid of not having peace. 

You're afraid of being extraordinary.

You're afraid of playing big.


Maybe I didn't describe you. Maybe your confidence supersedes all of the fears above. However, these descriptions manifests every day with people all around the world. And simply put, this is just like Brendon Burchard says in Motivation Manifesto, "You consent to playing small."

If you've ever had a negative social experience like I have had, then playing small is a part of you. It's like a person who has nearly drowned, inching along the edge of a pool deciding if they ever want to jump in again. Will that force pull me down again? Will I ever come up? 

While you sit around entertaining every negative thought that enters your mind, every thought that convinces you that you shouldn't go after your desires, every opportunity is passing you by. The life you've always wanted to live is buried in the sand, waiting to rise like a corpse from the grave.

It's all because you consented to playing small. 

You will always feel like something is missing in your life if you do not address this. Believe what I'm saying.

I've been afraid of putting myself on YouTube, posting on my own FB account, and even making a live video. "Why do people need to see me?" I say. "I'm not that interesting." The truth is, there's a a part of me that's willing to hold back because of those descriptors above. And, if we're open and honest with ourselves we'll address our fears and work to overcome them. 

Instead we'll say:

My story is worth being told.

I validate me first.

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.

I am more than a conqueror. 

I am powerful beyond measure.

I will not dim my light to make others feel comfortable.

I will use my gift to serve others.

I will work hard and put forth my best efforts.

I will encourage and uplift others.

I will put positive energy into the atmosphere.

I will utilize the right opportunities that come my way.

I will stand with my chin up and keep moving forward.

I will reserve time for myself, my husband, my family.

I will not be intimidated by people with their own set of issues.

I will not allow my past to rule me.

I will acknowledge, forgive myself, and move on.

I will not be defeated by the blade of my own sword (my thoughts).

I will not hold back. 

I will not play small.


Tell yourself the same. Dare to live greatly in this world. Don't consent to play small.