203. Misplaced Intensity

I've been reading a book called EntreLeadership by financial expert Dave Ramsey. As defined in the book, EntreLeadership is the combination of a leader and entrepreneur. More specifically it's "the process of leading to cause a venture to grow and prosper."

The book is filled with nuggets of wisdom, but there was a particular section that caused me to pause. It reads:

I was at a [Tennessee] Titans game. I looked down ten rows and saw a fiftysomething-year-old guy with his shirt off and painted completely blue. I had to wonder about this guy.

He is obviously intense about his Titans, but I couldn’t help to think if he was intense about his career, marriage, kids, or health.

I made a judgement that he probably was suffering from misplaced intensity.
— Dave Ramsey, 'EntreLeadership' pg. 85

  What's interesting about that specific part in the book is that I wrestled with my own misplaced intensity the other day. I had been great about not sitting around watching TV for hours, but I found myself joining in with the other Golden State Warrior-lovers, anticipating Cleveland Cavaliers lost and sweep. Warriors would make history and I could sleep peacefully.

Well, we see how that worked out.

Hey, Kevin. Remember we took that piano class back at UT? You don't but I do. Hook 'em.

Hey, Kevin. Remember we took that piano class back at UT? You don't but I do. Hook 'em.

Cleveland ended up winning, keeping their hopes alive, and here I was kicking myself for wasting three hours on two teams I care absolutely nothing about. I'm a Rockets fan for goodness sakes! If the Rockets or San Antonio Spurs aren't playing, why should I really care? (Sorry, I don't have the same affection for Dallas.)

At any rate, I learned a valuable lesson, my anticipation and intensity for wanting a team to lose caused me to lose myself. I lost THREE WHOLE HOURS that I cannot get back simply because my intensity was misplaced. Never again.

Am I saying that I'll never watch another sporting event? No. Of course I will. But, am I going to waste hours just to watch someone fall? Absolutely not. I need take that same intensity to move forward in my goals.

Is some of your intensity misplaced? There are a lot of people in the stands at sporting events and concerts who are more eager to go out of their way to have a good time but won't go out of their way to improve personally and professionally. Where your focus goes your energy flows, so let's redirect our focus and set intention with our intensity.